High Quality Capsules

We carefully search and select the absolute best manufacturers within their respective fields. Silvaco exclusively represents two of the leading hard capsule manufacturers specialising in producing consistent and high quality capsules, which fully complies with legislation for both the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries.

We are committed to insuring that our capsules meet the absolute stringest customer requirements when it comes to both quality and machinability and our empty capsules are compatible with all types of filling machines.

Below please find an overview of our extensive range;

  • gelatine, bovine, fish
  • vegetable, HPMC
  • natural capsules, pullulan
  • acid-resistant capsules, vegetable

Coloured capules can be produced in all colours fitted to your individual request. Printing service such as logo, text or images are also an option which can help differentiate and brand your products.

Capsule Service

With an annual production of more than 18 million capsules, capsules are among the most popular dosage forms in the field of dietary supplements. A key benefit of using capsules is the ease of filling almost all powders, granules or liquids regardless of technical recipe adjustments. Furthermore, significantly less space must be planned for any auxiliary substances.

In order to provide you with an optimal service, and to be equipped for every batch size, we work for large quantities with fully automatic and for small quantities with semi-automatic encapsulation machines. So we are able to produce batches from a few 100 capsules, up to the millions scale.

The most common capsule sizes (1, 0, 00) are always in stock (HPMC, transparent).

Advantages of Encapsulation

  • Simple recipe without additives (special advantage for the encapsulation of organic raw materials).
  • Different capsule types and sizes (gelatin, vegetable (HPMC), enteric (acid stable)).
  • Protection for sensitive raw materials (oxidation protection, UV protection).
  • Promotes the consumption of flavorful products (hot, bitter, sour).
  • Constant release of the contents (4 min to 30 min for enteric-coated capsules).
  • Low irritation of the mucous membranes.

 Disadvantages of encapsulation

  • Certain raw materials and raw material mixtures can react with each other and / or with the capsule and thus lead to an early degradation of the ingredients.
  • Capsules are sensitive to high humidity (> 70% rh).
  • Compared to tablets a wider dispersion of the filling quantity.

Special Requirements

Coloured capsules are available as "standard" and "non-standard". Please contact us for information on the colour palette and minimum order quantities.

It is also possible to design your own capsules, e.g. with a logo or a special inscription (MOQ 1 Mill.)

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