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Protein building blocks.

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Amino Acids
Ulf GertsenArea Sales Manager

We offer a broad range of amino acids in USP, EP and FCC quality from European stock.

BCAA, various blends

Furthermore, we are able to offer other amino acids as well, please ask.

Animal Extracts
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

Glucosamine is available with different salts and grades in EP and USP quality. Along with glucosamine, we also offer below animal extracts.

Chondroitin sulphate
Collagen peptides, fish or bovine
Gelée royal
Glucosamine (HCl, 2KCl or NaCl)
Green shell mussel extract
Oyster mushroom extract
Propolis extract
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

We offer a wide range of antioxidants for feed, food and food supplements available for various application forms.

Ascorbic acid
Calcium ascorbate
Coenzyme Q10
Sodium ascorbate
Burnt caramelised sugars, milk powders and toffee products
Ulf GertsenArea Sales Manager

We offer a wide range of burnt caramelised sugars and milk powders as taste enhancer and for colouring purposes.

Colour value, EBC from 250 to 16.000
Liquid and powder
No E-number
Organic range
Taste profile from hard-burned notes to soft caramel notes

Besides, we offer a broad range of toffee products for various food applications.

Carmel pieces in various sizes
Fudge pieces in various sizes
Liquorice fudge
Toffee sauces
Coconut and mocha paste
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

Carotenoids are split into two classes, xanthophylls such as lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin (which contain oxygen) and carotenes such as beta-carotene and lycopene (which are purely hydrocarbons, and contain no oxygen). The carotenoids are available in various forms and concentrations.

Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

We offer a range of excipients for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements such as fillers, glidants, disintegrants, lubricants, binders and coaters in various grades.

Di-calcium phosphate
Magnesium stearate
Microcrystalline cellulose
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (croscarmellose sodium)
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager
Konjac glucomannan
Psyllium husk, different grades
Ulf GertsenArea Sales Manager

We offer a wide range of flavours and natural extracts in various forms for the food industry.

Customized flavours
Essential oils (eg. anis oil, peppermint oil etc.)
Liquids, powders or granulated types
Low cost flavours
Natural flavours
Organic flavours
Paprika, E160c
Herbal extracts
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

We offer a broad range of herbal extracts from all the regions of the world. The extracts are standardised according to ratio, extraction solvent, active components or other parameters.

Acerola Malpighia glabra L.
Apple cider Cider from Pyrus malus L.
Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus L.
Buckwheat Polygonium fagopyrum L.
Chlorella Chlorella pyrenoidosa
Cinnamon Cinnamon cassia Blume
Citrus bioflavonoids  
Cranberry Vaccinium oxycoccos L.
Curcumin Curcuma longa L.
Echinacea Echinacea purpurea L.
Elderberry Sambucus nigra L.
Fabenol phaseolus  
Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum
Garcinia cambogia Garcenia cambogia Desr.
Ginger Zingiber officinalis R.
Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo biloba L.
Ginseng Panax ginseng C. Meyer
Green tea Camellia sinensis L.
Guarana Paulina cupana Kunth
Horsetail Equisetum arvense L.
Marigold Calendula officinalis L.
Nettle Urtica dioica L.
Rhodiola rosea Rhodiola rosea L.
Rosehip Rosa canina L.
Schizandra Schisandra chinensis
Spirulina Spirulina pratensis / Spirulina maxium

These are just some of the herbal extracts Silvaco offers, please ask for other extracts.

Herbs and herbal teas
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

We offer a variety of various herbal tea blends as well as herbs.

Fruit tea blends
Green tea
Herbal blends
Organic certified blends
Rooibos blends

We can offer a wide selection of herbs. Those mentioned below are just some, please ask for other herbs.

Guarana seeds
Minerals and trace elements
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

Manganese, magnesium, chromium, calcium, copper, potassium, sodium, selenium, cobalt, iodine, iron, molybdenum, zinc, sulphur and phosphorous. Available in the forms as eg. gluconates, citrates, phosphates, carbonates and pidolates.
Present focus products are:

Calcium carbonate, several grades including DC grades
Chromium picolinate
Copper gluconate
Di-calcium phosphate, several grades
Ferrous fumarate, powder and encapsulated
Ferrous gluconate
Magnesium gluconate
Magnesium hydroxide, several grades
Magnesium oxide, several grades
Manganese gluconate
Milk calcium
Selenium, several salts and grades
Zinc gluconate
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

We can offer a broad range of animal and milk proteins and derivatives, nutritional and functional proteins – examples are:

Caseinates (instant, hydrolysates, Ca-, K-, Mg-, Na- & kappa-caseinates)
Whey proteins (concentrates, isolates & hydrolysates)
Milk bio-components (lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, glycomacropeptide, etc.)
Animal fats and tallows
Beef plasma ingredients
Animal stocks, broths and extracts (beef, chicken, pork & turkey)
Functional meat proteins for improved texture and water binding
Specialty products
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager
Coenzyme Q10
Hyaluronic acid
Vegetable oils
Henrik PetersenManaging Director

We offer a range of vegetable oils, which we source around the world.

Almond oil
Borage oil
Evening primrose oil
Flaxseed oil
Garlic oil
Jojoba oil
MCT oil
Seabuckthorn fruit oil 30%
Wheat germ oil
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

We offer a full range of vitamins as different salts, grades and concentrates suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, food supplements, feed and cosmetics.

Coenzyme Q10
Folic acid
Para amino benzoic acid (PABA)
Vitamin A – Retinyl acetate
Vitamin B1 – Thiamine hydrochloride and thiamine mononitrate
Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin
Vitamin B3 – Niacin
Vitamin B5 – Calcium pantothenate
Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine hydrochloride
Vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamine
Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate
Vitamin D – Cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol
Vitamin E – Tocopherols, tocopheryl acetates and tocopheryl succinates
Vitamin K – Phylloquinone and menaquinone
Yeast and yeast extracts
Kim GrønholtArea Sales Manager

We offer a wide range of Saccharomyces cerevisiae derived products for the feed, food and food supplement industry. Examples are:

Brewers’ yeast (pure, including distillers grain, bitter, debittered etc.)
Brewers’ yeast with beta-glucans
Autolysed brewers’ yeast
Autolysed Brewers’ yeast with free nucleotides and RNA fragments

Furthermore, we offer various Saccharomyces cerevisiae based ingredients for the food industry with properties like:

Umami enhancer
Savoury and roasted note enhancer
Sodium reduction
Nutritional value
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