More than a supplier

Silvaco, founded in 1962, is a strong growing company in the marketing of ingredients and raw materials for foods, medicines, natural remedies, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and animal feed for the Scandinavian market.

Many years of cooperation with the best international commodity producers means that Silvaco today has an expertise and a portfolio that makes us more than a supplier – namely a valuable partner.

Sparring partner

Several of our customers use us as sparring partner. We have the knowledge and experience to help you find the best solution regarding ingredients and raw material as well as issues such as taste, stability, and colour.

We give our customers the possibility of testing a large number of alternative ingredient compositions in an application laboratory.

Stability and knowledge

Many years of experience and a profound knowledge of our products and development on the different markets, guarantee that you will always receive the best of advice and guidance.

Sole agent

Several of the world’s leading manufacturers of raw material and ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry have chosen us to represent their products – often as their sole agent. Therefore, we can offer a wide range of products to meet your demand.

Environment and ethics

Quality and environment are key points in Silvaco’s strategy. Likewise it is important to us that our raw material suppliers have an environmental policy, which respects the environment and are committed to social responsibility.

Our mission

The purpose of the operation of Silvaco is continued development of the company so that our customers and suppliers recognise us as a credible and reliable partner.

A fair, ethical and open relationship is the starting point for building trust, and our values and practices are based on transparency, equality and dialogue, in close cooperation with our partners (clients/suppliers).

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Proud Sponsor of Red Cross
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