European Distributor

Since 1985, Silvaco has distributed soft gelatine capsules from leading manufacturers in Europe to the Scandinavian markets. Our partners have more than 40 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing very high quality softgels according to cGMP and HACCP guidelines.

Advantages of Soft Gelatine Capsules

  • best solution for oils and suspensions
  • improved bio-availability of poorly water soluble and permeable ingredients
  • easy to swallow
  • various shapes, sizes and colours

Highest Quality

Our partners source only gelatine from the highest quality and it undergoes rigorous quality checks before being used. Our partners are able to produce softgels from bovine, fish or porcine depending on our customers' individual needs. Halal and Kosher certificates can be supplied upon request.

We can provide all types of oil encapsulations and offer a wide standard range of formulations. In order to meet the requirements of our individual customers we produce to the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets.

Today we offer the below range;

  • soft gelatine capsules, e.g. bovine, fish or porcine
  • soft vegetable capsules, pure vegetable origin
  • application: algae oil, linseed oil, EPO, borage, seabuckthorn oil, vitamins, Q10 etc.
  • chewable capsules, gelatine or vegetable
  • coated capsules
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